Harbour Chair In Progress

Here are some images that show the development of the Harbour Chair from 1:5 scale model to it’s launch during the London Design Festival ’11.

Joy Of Living

We were invited to take part in this wonderful charity project organised by our friend Max Fraser. Here are our contributions that went on show in Sommerset House. The first image is by André, the following two are by Ed. Below a few more words about the project: “JOY OF LIVING is a charity project that unites over 100 leading lights in the design community to galvanise support for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. LONDON DESIGN GUIDE editor, Max Fraser, has set the challenge to new and established UK designers to create a desirable artwork that expresses the joy of living – all starting from a simple sheet of A4 graph paper. A stellar list of UK design talent have contributed unique artworks that embody the Joy of Living theme.”

11 Gallon Seat

Commission for the Bench 10 exhibition organised by the Lollipop Soppe, September 2010. Inspired by the restrictions of the Bench 10 brief, we started to think about public seating that doesn’t need to be fixed to the floor. The base for our solution is a recycled plastic container, previously containing 11 gallons of mango chutney. The container is closed with a wooden plug onto which the seat is attached. To weigh it down the container can be filled with water, sand or any similar ballast. The seat is now too heavy to carry away, but it will remain manoeuvrable within its location. The 11 Gallon Seat has its place in the grey area between private and public space, either in the front garden, on the side walk or on the disused bit of grass across the road.
It would be installed by an individual rather than the council. A kind of guerilla public seat, avoiding the need for planning permission by its semi-permanent nature.

Carina / Production

3-4 Tables can be produced from this block of marble. Modern cnc-technologie and traditional craftsmanship come together in the process. Big thank you to our Master stone masons.


I came across this vehicle in a car park just outside Washington DC. Incredible!